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Residential Energy Evaluations

We are licensed by Natural Resources Canada to perform pre and post retrofit energy evaluations of residential buildings. This includes existing single detached, semi-detached and town homes. Energy evaluations also known as energy audits are required to qualify for any of the current grant and rebate programs available to Ontario residents.

The energy evaluation will examine the following and make recommendations for improvement

  • Air leakage
  • Insulation levels of the attic, walls, and foundation system
  • Heating and cooling 
  • Window and doors
  • Potential for solar power generation
  • Potential for water conservation
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What are the benefits of building an energy efficient home?

Buildings built to higher energy-efficiency standards provide multiple benefits to those who live within them and to the community-at-large. A home built with high insulation levels, air-tight construction, high-quality windows, and more efficient mechanical systems are often preferred as they:

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Home Efficiency Rebate Plus - Up To $10,600

  • Attic Insulation up to $2350
  • Basement wall up to $2000
  • Basement waterproofing up to $875
  • Basement Rim Joist/Header up to $325
  • Crawl space walls up to $1700
  • Crawl space moisture proofing up to $600
  • Floor above crawl space up to $1050
  • Exposed floor up to $450
  • Air seal up to $1300
  • Exterior Walls up to $6750
  • Heat pumps up to $6500
  • Heat pump water heater up to $1300
  • Energy Star windows up to $325 per rough opening
  • Energy Star doors up to $175 per rough opening
  • Energy assessment up to $600
  • Solar panels up to $1000/kW
  • Storage batteries up to $1000
  • Smart thermostat up to $50
  • Roofing membrane up to $150

Please visit the Enbridge website for more information about the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program.

Our Testimonials

What our customers say

Ben Phalavong
Ben Phalavong
Bob Tellier was the Energy Advisor I worked with. He was very prompt and knowledgeable and took the time to explain the evaluation process and walk my wife and I through our areas of improvement. He was great at addressing all of my questions during the pre and post retrofit evaluation process. I would highly recommend him for his services!
Janko Postic
Janko Postic
Bob Tellier, Energy Advisor - Great work while doing the Pre-retrofit Assessment. Quiet, clean and professional. Thanks.
M. Colson
M. Colson
We personally worked with Bob Tellier for our Greener Homes Energy Grant experience and had just a great experience. Bob was knowledgable, punctual, and thorough in his work, submitted all the documentation in full and on time, and answered any questions we had promptly either in person or over email. If we had to do it over again, we'd absolutely pick this company every time 🙂
Dave Bodlack
Dave Bodlack
Great service pleasure to work with Made the whole process very simple and easy highly recommend them
D & J
D & J
Bob is great! Very personable and knowledgeable regarding the Energy Incentive Programs available to homeowners. He helped us navigate the Greener Homes Grant portal, which was not always user friendly. Bob went over and above what we expected to help us get the maximum grant money possible. We highly recommend All Green for your energy evaluations! You won't be disappointed.
Ljubica Loncaric
Ljubica Loncaric
We had windows replaced. Bob was recommended by Brookstone Windows to do an energy audit so we could get some money back through the government grant. We are very thankful to Bob for helping us. It was very difficult for us to apply for the grant. Bob was very friendly and patient explaining everything to us and helping us with the application. We are both retired and on fixed income. He told us about a program to help us get free insulation. We didn't know about any of these programs. We would highly recommend Bob for your energy audit

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Do I Qualify For Rebates?

If you live in Ontario you can qualify for rebates when you upgrade the energy efficiency of your home.To know what category you qualify for,

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